Positive online reviews and reputation management: More important than ever for dentists who work with children

Nearly 90% of Internet users say they use online reviews to choose local businesses. If you’re a dentist seeking to expand your marketing reach to parents, these statistics are even more significant. Parents are more likely than any other group to look to the Internet as a key source of medical referrals. In fact, 72% of […]


Consumers today have access to a wide range of information and opinion from independent third parties about products, services, companies and individuals. We use these data sources to discover, evaluate and compare the things we’re interested in. Marketers sometimes call this burgeoning phenomenon of online opinion-sharing “electronic Word of Mouth” (eWOM), a term that encompasses […]


WHY CUSTOMER REVIEWS MATTER You can find hundreds of recent stats and studies that confirm the insanely influential role online reviews play in getting customers to buy or try new products, services, and local businesses. I cite some of the most salient findings in this section, but for me, the most compelling evidence comes right […]