supports your social media management activities with the BusinessRankings Suite

This powerful platform lets you listen, analyze and engage with social media mentions. It gathers every bit of information about your brand, products and solutions—even when your company handle is not explicitly used by the customer. It uses advanced text analytics to route social messages to the right people. It also enables advance management and closed loop handling. The BusinessRankings Suite allows your company to monitor conversations happening about your business, even when your brand name is not mentioned. In addition to social media management with regard to conversations and trends, you’ll be able to have insights into the history of customer engagement. This ensures that the loop is closed on all customer inquiries and issues. You can also find trends in consumer issues to proactively address, and perhaps eliminate, in the future.

You need a social media management tool that will not only support your social marketing efforts but also ensures no customer is left behind.

Most social media management teams have trouble tying ROI to social media. With the BusinessRankings Suite, you’ll have the insights to fuel product innovation and make strategic business decisions. Why? Because your team will have access to a wealth of insights from customers at some of their most crucial touchpoints. For example, when customers are making a decision about a product, they very well may make an inquiry via social media. On the other hand, if they are experiencing issues, they will reach out via social media as well. With this information at the ready, your team will be able to have a keen understanding of what customers are looking for—valuable information that your business should be using to fuel innovation and strategic direction. Accessing and sharing this information between your social media management team and the BusinessRankings Suite means that you’ll be able to tie ROI to your social media management efforts by tracking the customer’s journey from social media to sale acquisition.

When you evaluate tools, look for features like these that are offered in BusinessRankings Suite:

•   Listening on any social platform, so you never miss a conversation.

•   Visual listening (that is, spotting your products and brands in pictures posted to social media).

•   Advanced Natural Language Processing and machine learning. Filter through the noise on social channels, dissect the true meaning behind every social post, automatically determine sentiment and topics, and enable advanced routing of social posts.

•   Detailed case management, including routing, work queues, team management and advanced warning before topics go viral.

•   Detailed reporting, including trending, NPS, audience profiling and advanced statistical analysis.

•   Making sure your social media management team is up to any size task and outfitted with the right tool has never been easier. Contact us today for a demo using your own data.

With the BusinessRankings Suite, social media management becomes manageable.